A well-made shearling garment is naturally durable and easy to care for. In fact, it should only get better looking over the course of its lifetime. There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure that it does.

All Chris-Collection garments are impregnated with C3 long-term impregnation that provides protection against wet conditions and dirt and maintains the natural properties of the lambskin. C3 impregnation makes the shearling less sensitive to dirt, stains and marks. We strongly advise avoiding severely wet weather conditions when wearing your shearling. If it should become wet – hang to dry naturally.

During the initial wearing of a shearling garment, you may experience some slight shedding. This is called “crocking” and is evidence of the fine buffing each skin receives during production to achieve its characteristic smooth, silky hand. It is absolutely normal and easily minimized by a few gentle rubs with an old (dry) towel.

Your shearling garment can be stored by making sure it is hung on a broad shoulder hanger to prevent stretching. Cover your garment with a cloth garment bag, never a plastic one, to protect from dust. The fur storage method is also recommended.

Chris Collection Incorporation discourages people from dry-cleaning their shearling, because very few cleaners do a proper job and skins rarely look the same after the dry-cleaning process. Instead we recommend preventative measures. If you must clean your garment, use the “fur storage method” provided by a furrier that has experience in handling shearling garments.

Your investment in a quality shearling is an investment in your personal style and warmth and one you will enjoy every time you wear it.
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