The premium class of the lambskin market is in the hands of a small number of specialists. Unrivaled lambskin quality is the sum of many details, beginning with the purchase of raw materials. The smaller the skins, the more valuable the finished lambskin product, as low weight is a crucial factor in the purchase decisions. CHRIST’s raw skin buyers are active all over the world and carefully select every skin before it is treated very gently in the Toryal S.A. tannery. The treatments – some of which are vegetable-based are very time consuming and require a great amount of work on the part of the craftsmen. These rare and exclusive skins require a very high level of sensitive processing in the tannery in order to become a top-quality CHRIST lambskin product. The special features of CHRIST lambskin jackets and coats include, in some cases, their very low weight as well as their splendid, soft, light and incoparable comfortable feel.

Unlike baby lamb skins, lamb skins are a by-product of slaughter houses. They come from 4-6 moth old animals that generally have not yet been shorn. Here too, rigorous preliminary sorting is indispensable for ensuring a high level of quality. The soft, light feel of these skins, that are slightly further developed both in terms of the leather and the wool, is preserved in our tannery by means of an ingenious process. When describing our lambskin collection, we distinguish between different qualities.

These skins exclusively are of newborn lambs which die within the first days of their lives because of adverse weather conditions. No baby lamb is slaughtered for its skin. In countries with large populations of sheep, the herds often live on such vast pastures that the animals cannot be supervised during the lambing season. This means that a small number of the newborn lambs die during their first few days of life, primarily due to climatic reasons. These skins are then sold in order to cushion the farmer’s losses. CHRIST tans and processes these skins into Corderitos, soft lambskin, curly lambskin and Chekiang, the lightest lambskin qualities in the world. The excellent qualities of these small lamb skins, such as lightness, soft feel, the fine, unshorn first wool and optimum temperature regulation assure these products their unrivalled position at the top of the wide range of leather types.

There are two sides to every skin! The outer side on which the wool or hair grows, becomes the smooth leather side when the wool or hair is removed. This side is known as Nappa. The inner side, also known as the fleshside, is abraded to produce Velour. Abrading of the smooth nappa side results in a particulary fine, short-fibre leather known as Nubuck leather.
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